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Real-time tracker shows how the Leave vote impacts universities!

A new graphic has shown how Britain’s Leave vote in the EU referendum will impact funding for UK research.

With Britain now leaving the EU in the latest vote results, we will start seeing a serious amount of changes happening to the universities. One in particular will be impact funding for UK! The interactive graphics have been designed by wizdom.ai, this website is so incredibly clever! described as “the world’s largest research knowledge graph”. The dashboard was created by mapping 150 terabytes of data, 78 million publications, 50 million authors, 60,000 journals, 50,000 institutions and $700 billion (£500 billion) in research funding. 

With an incredible amount of money being invested from the EU to universities all around British Universities, we have to think, what’s going to happen to university funding… The UK has recently received 16.7 per cent of the EU’s research funding – around £6.7 billion. The largest portion of this funding was from Oxford and Cambridge, which received more than £800 million between them since 2007.

Wisdom.AI, University cost, Artificial intelligence, Leave or stay, Leave vote

What we have to think is, will the prices of university increase again? As the funding needs to keep going, and needs to grow, will they have to find the money somewhere else?

Leave vote, Wisdom.AI, University cost, Artificial intelligence, Leave or stay

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