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Life Dreams | Surround Yourself With The Right People, Don’t Let The Wrong People Hold You Back.

This is something very important I want to touch on today. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you are and how old you are, everyone has life dreams. However, actually pursuing those life goals and dreams can be harder than it looks. Barriers naturally build themselves to try and stop you getting there, this is life. However, there is one barrier that builds itself higher than all the rest…. People. 

You probably read that and thought, what am I on about? The people that you surround yourself will have a definite impact on how you go and pursue those dreams. Think about it like this, you want to start your own business. You have an idea that you believe could be a game changer, well that’s great! But to really explain this I’m going to put it into two scenarios to really paint this picture and show you how people can effect your decisions in life.

Scenario One:

Scenario one is where you have a group of friends that believe you can do it, you have your family behind you supporting your idea and decisions to try something risky, they give you the tools and motivation to try and succeed. They make sure they teach your the knowledge to get there, you have friends that when you’re feeling down pull you back.

Scenario Two: 

Scenario two is where you have a group of amazing friends, but they don’t believe in the idea. You have a fantastic loving family but they think the idea is bad, they both say its been done before… What makes you any different? They want you to try the safe option, an option which doesn’t create risk.

Out of those two scenarios which do you think had the self motivation to really try push his life dreams? Well yes you’re right its scenario one. Usually the first people to try shoot holes in your dreams are the ones closest to you. So make sure you are surrounding yourself with people who believe in you and support your decisions. Of course you have to be realistic with your life dreams, so don’t say I’m quitting my 30,000 pound a year job to develop ladders for moths to get out of the bath… But if you have a solid dream, with realistic goals then you need people around you that will help you, not people that want to be better than you so they break down your life goals before then even begin.

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