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Don’t have a Life Plan? Well don’t worry… Time could be your answer, with a push in the right direction.

Its interesting the concept of a life plan, you hear that statement quite a lot as you grow up, especially when you are at school. “What’s your life plan? Where do you see yourself going when you are older?” Now you hear it even more, especially when you finish a levels, just before and after university and when your parents are a little tense. But if you’re wondering what yours is, I can help you out a little bit… Let’s begin!

Life plan, life goals… What does your future hold?

Well, to have a life plan you must know exactly what you want to do from the minute you actually know what a life plan is to the day you leave this place blue dot we call home. Now, in my opinion I think its a waste of time to have an exact life plan, because that means you are predicting everything that will happen to you, at the end of the day, you have no idea whats going to happen tomorrow!

With this in mind, I do believe something similar to a life plan is important, a sense of life guidelines. Yes, that’s what we shall call them, life guidelines. This is a plan, but a loose plan. Now I look where I am now, I’m a blogger, model and work in a marketing agency. Now five years ago I knew I was going to be working a marketing agency, that was my plan, but to be a blogger as well… I had no idea. That’s the difference, I had a plan, but a loose plan, something changed…

When you look at your life plan, what you want to do, keep it a little loose, because you have no idea what’s going to happen tomorrow. You don’t really have any control on what’s going to change. You could have a whole life plan to become a marine biologist, spend one month work experience as a criminologist and all could change. Yes, that is a little far fetched, but do keep an open mind, your future could change and second.

What did you think of the life plan post? I hoped this helped out where it could! If you have any more questions about it or want any more support, you can comment below! Or you can email me if you want to not ask publicly. In addition, I’m on just about every social media channel so I’m happy to answer anything there!

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