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Life Planning | Life Is Not A Straight Line:

Let’s talk about life planning – Do you know what I hate, when people ask questions like “What’s your five year plan, actually what’s your ten year plan?” That is literally the most annoying question I can hear, let me explain why.

Now, in life we all have planned, we have goals and ambitions, yes that’s a plan. Okay, fair enough. However, life doesn’t work like that, you don’t just have A and go to it doesn’t work like that. Life isn’t that simple. Imagine, your life like a straight line, you see your end goal. Its at the end of the road. Okay, now add some hurdles, some thunderstorms. some breaks in the road. In addition, put some side routes and even a wall all together. Now that’s life.

But not just that though, in life you constantly change your direction. I wouldn’t of seen my blog take off as well as it did. Even just a year ago I wouldn’t of thought I would be here today. See how quickly life can change.Your ideas, creation, direction and goals all evolve as life goes on.

So, when someone says “Hey, what’s your five year plan” You can promptly respond with “Come back in five years and see what I’m doing” . Now, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have goals and direction. That is something you definitely need, but just take into consideration, that it won’t be as simple as you think, and there will be a series of stumbling blocks, change in direction and development of goals.

Take this quote very seriously: “If you have a dream, work for it, hold it tight, and never let go of it.” 

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