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Could We Live Without Electricity? The Answers May Shock You More than You Think!

Well there I was last night I had arrived home, looked down at my phone, turned on the computer, cracked on with the blogging, but then there was a power outage? All electricity went off, went down and you immediately feel a sense of lostness. 

All my work disappeared, all my gadgets stopped charged, a lost sense of communication! You immediately think you are an electrician, thinking you can now fix all devices and produce the power of electricity.. However, I’m not. So, it didn’t work…

But that made me think, what happens if you were just walking a long one day, at work or just chilling at home and all electricity went off.. And it didn’t come back on? Well, I have to say, we are pretty much screwed, we are a civilisation where we depend on electricity, from your cars to your homes, to your electronic devices to your heating, all powered by electricity. So if an EMP device was to hit the world and cause and blackout, what would be the first step to survive?

Well people have put many theories into place, into what would most likely happen, but the real answer is, we’re pretty much screwed, the dependance of electricity has actually left us vulnerable… You have to think like the movies, an EMP hits, all across the world the immediate result would be Commercial jets will fall from the sky across North America. Nuclear power plants will go off-line. Hospitals will become death traps. Battles over food will be fought in the streets. And that’s just day one. Welcome to the EMP nightmare. Yeah? BIG Problem.

So those people that have those clever bunkers, survival plans and back up plans without the use of electricity don’t sound so mad, do they?

What would you do in an EMP blackout? Would you be able to survive? Comment below or tweet me @mrjamesvincent! 

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