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Exploring Cities: Getting Lost In London, Time To Explore, Without The Need Of A Map!

Last week I was in London, doing one of my favourite things… exploring cities. There’s something about going into a city you don’t really know, and just exploring, one back street at a time. No plan, no direction. Just your gut instinct saying “Let’s do this!”

So there I was, walking through Soho. With no real plan and direction, but a lot of time to burn. I was heading to meet some old friends from PR Agencies and up and coming collaborations. So I kind knew I had to be somewhere at a certain time. But I had a fair amount of time to burn between.

I believe, the best way to see what a city has to offer is, don’t follow the beaten track. Don’t go to the usual places, don’t follow the tourist attractions, just walk and see where it takes you. So that’s exactly what I did!

exploring cities, exploring london city

Walking through all the back streets, walking in and out of the busy sections to the quiet under passes I saw a different side of London! Now, while the photos don’t do it justice, you see such a range of places and people. From the bored teenage girl at the convenient store waiting until 5 oclock to get on the town with her friends to the high end rich family getting out of their Royles Royce covered by security!

But what I loved is by following my gut, by just following a path I thought was interested I got some pretty cool photos. So by going a certain way, by getting stopped in front of a lorry and sliding through an alley onto the busy road I got to snap up this London Underground sign with the British flag flowing through the wind.

lomdon underground sign, exploring cities

Remember the next time you are in London, don’t follow the beaten track, don’t do the usual. Get lost, and just go with the flow. You may just see a side of London you have never seen before! Exploring cities never gets old and finding something new is even better!

What’s your London experiences like comment below or reach out to me on your desired social media Facebook / Twitter ! As I want to hear all about It!

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