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London fashion the refreshing look at city style.

Let’s talk about London fashion. Now I’m from a small town, where over time you start to see the same people, wearing the same clothes. In addition I always think that small town people like to fit in over standing out, while that is not a bad thing… It’s not me. There’s been many occasions I’ve seen three girls walking through town wearing practically the same outfit… Like a glitch in the matrix I can’t help but to look twice and think why?

But London… Well that’s totally different. Sat here in a coffee shop on my way to Soho I see a world of fashion in such a small amount of time and no one seems to judge or look twice, like its normal, and it is. Your life, your fashion, your look.

From the skater, wearing a ripped thrasher top, dark blue scuffed jeans with a pair of brown high tops. To the women in all yellow with green shoes and red rings to the guy in a three piece grey suit with a green pocket square. These are their styles, their looks with their uniqueness, don’t change it, embrace it.

When you’re next thinking of going out the house and you’re not sure what to wear.. Pick an outfit you love, not what you think will blend in the most. If you enjoyed my London fashion post, have a read of the ones below which I’m sure will take your picking! Well, they are pretty amazing haha!

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