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The London Ice Bar Experience With Eddie The Eagle & Many More!

So if you follow the blog you would of recently see the Ice Bar Review! It was such a fantastic place and definitely something you should check out, but today I’m basically doing a bit more in depth experience of my visit there, call it a part 2! Right, let’s begin The London Ice Bar Experience“.

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“I was invited down to the Ice Bar to meet Eddie the Eagle but I didn’t realise who else I would be meeting…”

When I arrived at the event, I sat down, a little confused into the schedule of the event… Looking around to see anyone I knew. A few minutes later, a guy came through “James… James Vincent, quick come through!” So I go through to the ice bar, I’m the first one in… No was there but me and this cute girl from the PR Agency. I sat chatting to her in one of the booths. Grabbing onto this cocktail made of ice, wrapped inside a cape! A few minutes past and then I look back into the ice bar only to a swarm of people come through!

Before I knew it, I’m meeting and greeting all kinds of people! From Olympian Hurdlers, to Big Brother celebrities, to Models to even Harry Potter Actors! Yes, I said that right! I’m not going to lie, I felt a little small… I was the only blogger there haah! But, I must of made the cut (saying that I sit back in my chair feeling cool)

london ice bar, london ice bar experience,

I’m meeting and greeting all of them, chatting away and making connections as you do at these events! Naturally you get talking to some people more than others I was immediately chatting to this very cute girl and this Olympian hurdler! It was great meeting them all! After having 2-3 ice cocktails we were then escorted out of the cold and into the main bar!

At this point we were having nibbles and snacks before the main event, watching a private screening of Eddie The Eagle the movie! We travelled down stairs into a room with massive screens, presented by Eddie himself.

We sat down, with a blue bag below our seats, full of goodies like Eddie the eagle glasses, jumper, mug and a whole lot more, pumped and ready for the movie, I sat there pumped and ready to watch! Now I’m not going to write and Eddie the Eagle movie review, but I am going to say its amazing and you have to go see it ahah! Literally such a heart warming movie! It put me in such a good mood!

london ice bar, london ice bar experience,

Overall it was such a fantastic evening meeting all those new people and experiencing the London Ice Bar! I look forward to all the up and coming events in the future!

“P.S keep a look out for the personal interview with Eddie The Eagle Himself!”

london ice bar, london ice bar experience,

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