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The London Ice Bar Review | Ice Cold Cocktail, Yes Please!

The London ice bar, a cold cold place. Well of course it’s going go cold, it’s an ice bar? I got invited to see and interview Eddie the eagle, where was this all located, you guessed it? The ice bar. As you walk into this bar, you are presented by a beautiful girl, welcoming you into this bar! I walk through and sit on the left hand side, a little confused, I thought this was an ice bar? Well it is.. But it’s a normal bar as well!

london ice bar

After meeting everyone I walked over to this silver door, plastered with the writing THE ICE BAR. Looking like something out of a military unit you make your way over and you a presented with… A poncho. – hooded, gloved, poncho! You open the doors similar to the ones you see on the trains, walk through and you are blasted with this ice cold air!

Tip: Dress code, smart casual. Don’t push the casual too much though haah!

The bar is so cool, from the Ice skull looking like something out of pirates of the Caribbean to the solid ice booth hidden around the corner for a snuggle to even all the glasses made out of solid ice! Don’t worry!!! Your tongue doesn’t stick to it ahah!

london ice bar

Yeah it’s cold, by cold I means like REALLY REALLY COLD! Now of course it’s going to be? Duh it’s an ice bar but like even for such a small place you get cold really quickly. Now I was in, jeans, jacket, two layers of tops, Chelsea boots and I was still cold, looking over to the girl that was wearing open toed sandals who was probably re thinking her outfit choice before going in!

Tip: It’s hidden away down one of the side streets, don’t trust google maps haah!

The cocktails, were on the strong side, Like like 50% vodka, 50% cranberry juice.. But this is good though, because it warms up your blood ahah! The bartender was also lovely and very polite so big tick there! After having a few cocktails. I was now ready for the warmth!

london ice bar, london ice bar experience

Overall the London ice bar is a great place! Think about your outfit choice though before going in and make sure you tell the bartender to make you a warm cocktail the minute you get out haha! Definitely somewhere I would recommend in visiting! Mix up your night, don’t head to your usual bar, get chilly, get a cocktail and experience the ice bar!

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