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London Photoshoots With Alexander Hill Media

A couple of weeks back I had the opportunity to work with a brilliant photographer in London called Wayne from Alexander Hill Media with the company of his gorgeous and very talented girlfriend Carina Briggs.

Alexander Hill Media

Alexander Hill Media,

Working with photographers can sometimes be hard for bloggers, firstly because each blogger/influencer has their style, their vision of how they want their photos to turn out. Which of course isn’t a bad thing, you have to adapt to what your audience like to see. However, the problem with that is that is can become repetitive; there isn’t a challenge. Even myself, I have posted over 1200 photos on Instagram. I know what I think looks good, what doesn’t and what I will probably delete at a later date.

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So when Wayne said to come down for a photo shoot I was intrigued, yes I have worked with photographers before, of course! But I loved his style of photography; I had the thought he would challenge me to try different poses, outfits and scenarios that would entice my audience a little more.

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By the time I got down to London, the sun was out (ish), and it was time to shoot, we had a good chat before and got going. We chose some different spots to match my outfits and cracked on.

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What I liked the most is when he said let’s try it this way, or have you thought of this pose. Because some photographers just say “YES YES, THAT’S BRILLIANT, KEEP GOING!” Then you look back at the photos and think… Um, I look like a blob. The honesty was something that I appreciated because it challenged me to try something new, which as result created the photos you see!

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I can say, Wayne was one of the best photographers I have worked with in a long time. He kept it very casual and relaxed, he challenged me to try different poses and kept me on my toes, and as a result, he produced some spectacular photos.

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Carina and Wayne are one hell of a team! Oh and a very cute couple! 

If you want to work with Wayne on your next shoot, don’t hesitate to contact him! Check out his portfolio on Instagram @alexanderhillmedia or get in touch with him alexanderhillmedia@gmail.com

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This is just a snippet of some of the photos he produced if you want to see more head over to my Instagram and check them out!


London Photoshoots With Alexander Hill Media
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