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Long Distance Relationships | The Truth.

Growing up you may meet someone, fall in love and then the worst happens. They or yourself move to somewhere else, then you come to the decision that you want to carry on and try a long distance relationship, fair play. However, these are things they don’t tell you when you get in one;

Now, I’ve been a few long distance relationships and I can tell you, honestly… They didn’t work. They became so hard that they inevitably became unbearable. Let me tell you why;

  • The one to give up: Unfortunately to hear, usually someone in the relationship is already thinking of giving up, they see the long distance idea as the perfect excuse not to have the balls to end but string it along, so they keep in a relationship but never actually say how they feel, then once they have moved and time has passed then they tell you “Look this just isn’t working out, I don’t see how its going to work” < Does that sound familiar?
  • Jealously becomes aggravated: The problem with being so far away from your other half is, jealousy kicks in like a bitch and anything can take you over the edge, you start to think of all the things they are doing, to who they are hanging out with to what they are doing then you think the worst… Then as a result arguments happen. You start to ask a million and one questions resulting in that incredibly annoying question “Why don’t you trust me” < Boom. Once you have heard that you might as well pack it in, because its all downhill from there.
  • The Cheats: Now, something that does happen is the cheaters come out to play, because they are in another country or far away they see the opportunity to cheat… and get away with it. Yeah, thats happened too!  Which links back to the point above, if you don’t see a high level of trust, then cheater within comes out.
  • Communication needs to be active.. or you’re F#cked: If you aren’t talking regularly and keeping the conversations active and spiced, you’re pretty much screwed. Because you have to have high levels of communication for a long distant relationship to work.
  • Bitch slap of truth: If the convos get dull or they seem less loving its usually because they have actually moved on and they don’t have the balls to say it, I’ve had this before, they seemed a little bit less loving, didn’t show as much appreciation, missed out on calls and the rest, yeah they had already moved on and didn’t know how to say it.

If you are considering a long distance relationship, just be careful they can go south very quickly, if you are in a long distance relationship and its working, keep at it!

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Have a good afternoon,