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Morning all,

Today I’m going to do a review on one of the watches from Lord Time Pieces, Ive done watch reviews in the past you can see the links for them below. However, Lord Time Pieces have popped up out of no where and taken the watch market by storm!

Over the past couple days I’ve come in possession of a Lord Time Piece, Caesar. The watch itself is very classy, a gold face with a slick black leather strap.

The design of the face of the watch is beautiful. With the bold skeleton look you can see straight through it to all the mechanics. With the black strap marrying the hands of the watch, this is definitely something you want on your wrist. Making you stand out in front of your colleagues or friends.

The self winding timepieces are designed to gain power from the natural movements of the wrist on the person who is wearing the watch, so manually winding it every day is unnecessary and you also do not need a battery. You do have to wind it to get its power started, and winding is also required when the watch gets low on power due to not being used for a period of time. But I have to say I love these kind of watches, they give a sense of class and uniqueness.

Overall this is a great watch and a definite buy from me, I would rate this watch an 9/10 the only downfall to these watches is that the straps can become weak. so that’s something to keep in mind. However, for the price you are paying you cannot complain! This is definitely a Time Piece fit for a Lord! ‘if you buy the watch use the code JAMES10 and get 10% off your order!’

You can purchase this watch from here

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