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Lord Timepieces Legacy Watches Review

Let’s talk watches, but not just any watches, the new Lord Timepieces legacy watches! You know me, I love watches. I love the feel, the look, the material and the statement they make. However, what I’m here today is talk about a brand that I have worked with before. Today I want to showcase Lord Timepieces new collection and how much you’re going to like this.

Lord Timepieces Black Watch

A sophisticated timepiece with at a great price

Lord Timepieces Legacy Collection!

Mens lord timepieces watches

Look how well this Rose Gold legacy watch works with the checkered River island shirt. A great combination that will get you standing boldly!

I was out in Worcester when I featured I tested out how well these watches worked with my different outfits and how they felt. The timepiece face was slightly bigger than their last ones, but that wasn’t a bad thing at all, as the intricacy of the watch face was so beautiful having a slightly larger face did make it stand out more.

Lord Timepieces legacy watches

This one may be my all time favourite from their new collection. The black and gold work so well.

Why I like these watches so much is that it reminds me of the original Lord Timepieces collection. Their original group was a type of watch designs called a skeleton watch, where you can see the face and the mechanics of the watch in a visible state. This new collection is similar but with a fresh design.

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Lord Timepieces gold watch

Wearing their gold legacy watch with a blue Topman Oxford shirt.

If you are looking for a sophisticated watch, at an affordable price and unique design, then check out their collection here.  Like all of their watches, they are lightweight, automatic and always look good with what you’re wearing. They always showcase a sense of sophistication and will meet your every need.

lord timepieces new collection

A silver timepiece to make you stand out from the crowd.

If you have any questions about their new collection or want to get a question answered that I didn’t answer in the blog post, you can reach out to me on social media or the comment section below. If you want to carry on the reading, have a look at my other reviews here.


Lord Timepieces Legacy Watches Review
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