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Lord Timepieces Review | Solitude Black Gold – “Step up your watch game today!”

It’s time for a new watch… Its time to combine the coal black leather strap with a matt black glass face… Let me introduce the Solitude black. Let’s begin this Lord Timepieces review, let’s step up your watch game with one purchase.


Let’s have a chat about my latest watch! Looking at this bold timepiece from Lord, it screams class, sophistication and a sense of “cool” than just needs to be on your wrist. The coal black strap is leather, thick but not heavy. Intertwined with the black and gold face.

Its getting to that autumn season where the idea of a big heavy watch on your already heavy winter clothes doesn’t really work, keep it lightweight but classy. This Solitude Black works so well with the autumn styles I’ve put together here. Now at £70.00 can you really go wrong? I think not…

“For the price you are paying, can you really go wrong?”

What I like most about this watch is its not in your face, but bold enough to make a statement, the black and gold is always a combo which looks good and with most outfits. Can you imagine the black on black look with this watch… Oh yes…

It’s time to up you watch game, the sensible way. A way which doesn’t break the bank but does improve your style. Purchase your lord Timepieces Solitude Black from the link at the top.

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