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Lord Timepieces Solitude Black Blue Tan leather Review

This is part two of the Lord Timepieces reviews, I recently discussed the Lord Timepieces Black Gold. This you could say is its sister.. A badass, sexy sister. The watch is black and tan. Oh yes, this combination really does look good… Maybe to good. Let’s begin the Lord timepieces solitude black review!

I’ve had tan leather watches before and I can say I didn’t like them… The leather looked cheap and it split. But Lord Timepieces have restored the faith. The gloss finish tan strap marries the black on black watch face. With Roman numerals subtlety places, but upon closer look the gloss lettering stands bold.

Lord timepieces instagram watches

Lord have also embedded their logo to the underside of the watch face and strap which is also a nice touch to really make it lord. The watch is lightweight, sturdy and looks great with so many outfits. I have recently featured in on some fashion posts of mine and because the black and tan marry each other so much they seem to work with so many outfits. Without the need of a heavy, metallic watch. This leather watch is something you should definitely not under look.

Lord timepieces solitude

This watch is priced at £65.00 and for what you are getting you cant really go wrong… Also I’m also here to help you out, so use my code JAMES10 for another 10 percent off, you know… Because I’m nice like that!

Lord timepieces review

I hope you enjoyed my latest post on my Lord Timepieces Solitude black review, if you have any other questions, comment below or reach out to me on social media  Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.. If you want to see my other Lord Timepieces review, take a look at the post below.


Lord Timepieces Review | Solitude Black Gold.

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