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Good afternoon everyone,

Today I’m going to do a Lord Timepieces Review on one of their latest watches, Regent. This watch was recently sent to me, I have to say I very much like the look of this watch. The Black and Gold combo marry each other perfectly. Now I have reviewed Lord Timepieces watches before, but this is one of their newest watches. Their watches now arrive in new packaging which look like this;

This watch is a watch for the Modern gentleman, slick and bold. The Black leather strap marries the Black outer face, then topped with the Gold casing. This watch looks and feels great, a lightweight watch with a heavy attitude.  The white ticker matched with the White numeral area keeps the time bold and efficient. A watch that will look great if you are wanting to stand out, and who doesn’t want to stand out.

I’ve worn this watch with my latest ‘Shop NEXT – Dressed by Next’ Post which you can view here to give you some inspiration for the type of outfits you can wear this watch with. What I particularly like about this watch is the feel of it. It’s the type of accessory with ties a whole outfit together.

If you would like to see my other Lord Time pieces reviews that I have done in the past you can check them out here: 

Look good, feel great, stand out and show people the class you hold with the Lord Timepieces – Regent.

If you have any other questions about this watch tweet me at @Mrjamesvincent  Or you can see the latest photos of this watch on my Instagram @james.vincent

Have a great day people,


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