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Lost in the Woods – Exploring time

Hello everyone,

I thought I would just do a short post of the exploring I got up to yesterday

So yesterday was a very busy day for me, I was testing out the Peugeot 308, taking watch photos, exploring and so much more. So I decided to start my day on a peaceful note, I went for a little walk through the woods. Only to get lost, it’s so easy to loose your bearings in the woods! One wrong turn and you end up down a path where you thought you had already been. Note to self, don’t trust your instincts trust the signs!! Then I go down this narrow path, then somehow end up on a gold course.. I was not wearing proper attire for a hike and what was supposed to be a calm walk through the woods because sweaty and tiring. So no matter big or small the adventure make sure you are prepared for it.

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