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We all watch funny animal videos on the internet, read more often that people like to admit. Every day videos are streamed through countless social media platforms. We have all sat there scrolling through our Facebook news feed and seen a video titled ‘Cute animals do funny things’ or ‘Cat video fails’ and then clicked through to it, watching the video for about 2 minutes then carrying on with our daily lives.. But the real question is how much time is actually lost through these videos? How much productivity levels do we loose by side tracking ourselves and watching 7 seconds of madness

I have in the past watched these videos, sat down and gone through countless videos or pictures of funny animals and then look at the time realising i have just spent the last hour rotting my mind. then taking time to naturally get back into the zone of work. Therefore i was interested to work out how much time is actually lost.

Here are the statistics below:

its said that we spend on average two hours a day on social media, with Facebook being in the lead in 2013-2014 but now other social media platforms quickly following behind such as instagram and pintrest. Its said that it costs business economy 132 million pounds every MONTH! but lets work it out then;

Two hours a day on social media ( on average ) but lets say about 15 minutes watching endless funny videos.

Thats 465 minutes a month, thats 5580 minutes a year. thats on average 93-95 hours a year just looking a funny videos..

Makes you think.. is it all worth it ? Of course! they are hilarious!

We shouldn’t miss the point that a couple minutes of laughter can make the day ten times better! Happy people are productive people!

(These statistics are only an average, by all means take them with a pinch of salt’

Have a great day everyone