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Gents, This Is Why Girls Love A Bad Boy And Always Will.

I suppose this is a quite a vague post? What does it really mean to be a bad boy? Well, in my eyes its no such thing as a criminal. No no, because that’s sort of the wrong impression of what a bad boy is. But, its been known, its been said and its been advertised that a bad boy… gets the girl. But why? Why does the girl go for the bad guy? Well, they don’t always… But there is a sense of attraction there? But why? Why are girls drawn to the bad boy… Well. 

In my opinion its the mystery surrounding them, I suppose no one wants to seem predictable and boring, and the problem is some guys hold that. Girls can quickly pick up on what they think is going to happen next, that can produce a sense of boredom quickly on.

You may think, well… James you’re not a girl? How would you know whats going on in girls heads? Thing is… I don’t but this has actually happened first hand, you become the nice guy because you want the girl, but then it back fires because they just see you as a “nice guy” – So how do you get around this? How do you attract the girl but also be a nice guy? Well, its balance. Showcasing you have mystery around you… A little bit of a secret that maybe she’s trying to guess, but also throw in the bad… A little naughty comment here, a bit of cockiness there. It creates a balance that keeps the girls on their toes. You become unpredictable.

Now there was a post written by “Your Tango” which gave 12 brutally honest reasons why girls like bad boys, now I’m not going to pick up on all of them… Because in a way I don’t believe all of them relate.

Here’s a few points I picked up on that I definitely think are 100% true.

  • The sex just isn’t as good.

I recently wrote a post on “Mixing sex up” and its true, it goes back to the predictive aspect again. The minute a girl can predict the routine of sex, its boring. Which bores them… which actually subconciouslly bores you… MIX IT UP.

  • Commitment comes across to strong.

Most girls are actually looking for a relationship, they don’t want to be messed around, but neither do guys. It can quickly turn a girl off if you come in hinting at a relationship on the first drink. The bad boy shows a sense of uninterested emotion. So they want to change that, never come across to strong.

  • Being a charmer.

Girls love a charmer, someone that can Woo them, a bad boy, can woo a girl, but in a way that still shows mystery. “Oh my god your eyes are so pretty” – Predictable. “You have a lovely smile” – Predictable. Mix up the compliments. ”

Remember, a girl is complex, and guys can be just as bad. We don’t all give of that bad guy vibe, and if you’re not, don’t try and be. But, when talking to a girl, mix it up throw the unusual around and keep them on their toes. If you have any other questions, comment below or reach out to me on social media