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Why I love London | The core

Why I love London, well that’s a big question, I’m sure people will say things like the weather or the attractions or even the iconic scenes like the London eye. Yes, I’ll admit these are a lovely part of London but there’s another reason why I love London, I’m sure you’ve heard the saying about a couple places around the world like Vegas or New York “The city never sleeps” well I can say it’s exactly like that in London.

From exploring at 3 is that same at 9 at the same at 1am and this is a Wednesday? But of course people are still going to be awake. Now I know that sounds confusing.. So let me explain! When I arrived at Euston, it was a 9 minute taxi or a 12 minute Tube or a 32 minute walk… I chose the walk, not for the reason that it saves me money. No no, I’m talking about the fact that when you walk you see hear and experience people’s lives!

I got to see in just two 30 minute walks, people experiences, this included;

  • Heart break, from two young lovers arguing over something stupid. With tears in their eyes and heavy hearts too..
  • A man making a sale: Over hearing a businessman on the phone saying he’d done it, he’d made the sale and it’s his biggest one yet too..
  • To young lovers arm in arm grasping eachother tightly as the walk the streets of London at night too…
  • To a girl that just has her interview and she was on the phone to her mum telling her, her thoughts and if she thought she’d got it or not!

What I’m saying is, the city never sleeps, it’s always moving and always on the go! Everyone’s going through their lives separately making their mark on the world.

So next time to go to London, take a walk, Go to a local pub, hop into a store you’ve never seen and listen to what’s going on around you!

And that’s why I love London! If you have any other questions or want to know more about London, comment below or reach out on your desired social media channel  Facebook / Twitter !

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