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In life sometimes things fall into place like jigsaw pieces, we think to ourselves ‘Wow that was lucky’ or ‘Damn Luck was definitely on my side’ But was it? Did someone strike you with a lucky hand and just went forward in a natural state or did you do something yourself that helped your odds.

Leading businesses have said in the past, that luck can’t be controlled, that it either just happens or it doesn’t. However, Mcdonalds CEO Ray Kroc stated in one of his press releases, that if you work harder, keep pushing forward your odds for luck increase? Do you agree… If you think about it logically, it’s correct. Lets say you are selling oranges at fruit stand, but across the road there is another fruit stand exactly the same as you, you know have a 1 in 2 chance the person will walk past and choose your stand over your competitors. But if you work harder, plan how you are going to sell those oranges, work out that the person walking past, buys his coffee first before passing your stand, so moving your stand closer to the consumer gives you a higher chance he will see you first over your competitors, thus improving your chances of luck that you will sell your product.

So the real question is, ‘Can you create your own luck?’ YES of course you can, but you have to make sure you are doing the right thing at the start then opportunities will fall into place. What might seem like luck is actually just good planning, if the orange stand owner decided to open up after his competitor and only sell oranges on certain days he would see it as bad luck when the customer chooses the competitor over him, but that’s actually just bad planning? But if he worked out when his customer buys the oranges, walks past his stand, what time, the owner of the orange store now sees it as good luck that his bought his oranges, but it actually wasn’t luck it was planning!

In the end we create our own luck, the more you work hard and sweat more your chances of luck increase.

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