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Lust VS Love | Knowing The Difference!

Right, let’s begin. This afternoon I want to chat about something a little different… Lust and Love, do you know the difference? 

In life, you meet people, people that make you feel things, things you can’t explain, can’t describe but they do something to you. They can turn you a little crazy, changing your biology inside out. Which can leave you a bit… different. But which is it? It is love that drives the blood through your body, or is it lust that makes your stomach drop and a feeling of lostness?

Well, actually its both. They can both make you feel a bit… strange. Love takes control of you, a desire for the attention of the other person, but lust is addictive, it requires touch. It requires an attraction of more than emotion. But make sure you know the difference, because if one takes control of the other, a problem can result.

When you fall for someone, lust is there. An attraction that leads to chemistry, you both must have it and the more desire you have, the better it is. Now, that can turn into love, a connection between you both. Which can lead to a relationship of honesty, desire and attraction. But, I’ve seen it first hand, where lust was stronger than love. When sexual tension was cut, and the fun began, it quickly turned off. Your eyes, blinded by lust, in what you thought was love. Now disappeared, so does the connection.

This, can result in the guy getting his way, and then closing off from you, which leaves you with an open heart and him with a closed book. See what happens? The connection now lost, because one got their way, this also happens with women. They get what they want, an attraction leads to a burning sensation of lust, but once completed, they close of from you. Make sure you know where you are both going, before one of you gets burnt.

Make sure you know the difference, before your heart opens up, otherwise, you will be hurt…. Take my advice, learn from me.

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Have a great afternoon,