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Now at the moment, we are having mixed weather, some days its like ‘Yes! shorts, t-shirt, flip flops, time for a day in the sun’ Then you have days were you are like ‘What is this weather? It’s time for a Mac Coat Time to get the scarves, hats, and winter coats back out. So the weather hasn’t really made up its mind at the moment, but unfortunately summer, is coming to an end. And the autumn weather is creeping up on us. So I think light coats, are coming back out of the wardrobe. One of the best coats to be wearing in this kind of weather is a light mac coat. It’s a very smart piece of clothing every man should have in their possession. Great for a lot of outfits, not to bulky and can be used for this kind of weather we are having at the moment. This mac is purchased from ASOS. This cream colour matches so many different outfits, but definitely works well with black attire, a bolder brighter look. The duffle back is from RIVER ISLAND. and the Watch is from LORD TIME PIECES. ( If you are interested in this watch, use code JAMES10 and get 10% off! )

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