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Business Ideas:

Luck… Do you have it, or do you need to create it? Learn how!

We have all experienced luck, in one form or another. Luck is natural and can happen to any of us. However, how can we make luck work for us? how can we make it work in our favour?

You look at some businesses and think, how did they get so lucky? How did they get to the top.. But without realising it they have heightened their success due to the excessive and repetitive work they have accomplished.

The first rule of luck in business is that you should persevere in doing the right thing. Opportunities will come your way if you do.’ 

-Ronald Cohen.

In the past a lot of highly successful business entrepreneurs had stated that luck just happens, there is no variable which you can control, to heighten your success or decrease it. However that isn’t entirely true..

As McDonald CEO Ray Kroc said ‘The more you sweat, the luckier you get’ What Ray is saying is that with repitive hard work day in day out, can result in your luck being higher and more likely.

Making your own luck isn’t as unlikely as people say it is. A well considered plan is crucial to your development. Without realising it! A solid, reliable and structured plan, can make the difference. It can predict your luck, and outcome for the future.

When starting a business, being able to predict what outcomes are likely to be of a result can change the outcome of your future. So when you land a deal, or connect well with a client, that is a combination of pure luck, with planning and precision. Knowing the variables and making opportunities work in your favour.

So if you plan goes accordingly, and you are on the right track then your luck will be heightened, certain outcomes will go in your favour, than if you didn’t have a business plan/ cash flow forecasts, or any market predictions.

‘With so many variables luck is likely to play a part in the survival of your business’ – Business Ideas

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