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Good afternoon everyone,

I hope your day is going well,

Recently I wrote a blog post on Man Flu, how I had a terrible cold and it how it wasn’t  going away, I told you guys what I take to try and get rid of it, and it worked… for a while!

In the last week it came back again! Man Flu round 2, So I got some products off a company called Man Flu to try and get rid of it once and for all!

Man Flu do exactly what they say on the tin, they provide a range of products catering for a man with a dreaded cold, now some people say that man flu doesn’t exist! Well you are wrong, its been scientifically proven 😉

So here are some of the products they offer and the amazing benefits they have!

Man Flu: Instant Energy

When you have a cold one of the main problems is that it drains you, you just feel exhausted all the time, this can such a problem if you are on the move or at work. The last thing you want is your boss catching you having a nap because your cold has got the worse of you! With the instant energy it keeps you going until you can get home and relax. You can buy them from here


Man Flu: Lozzers

I’ve had these before, I mentioned them on there other blog post, these throat lozzers actually work! There are so many types out there, but some just taste good and don’t actually sooth your throat. These soothe the throat and make you feel ten times better! They are so cheap as well so you can’t go wrong. I’ve taken these just before going to be and just waking as my throat was at its worst then. You can buy them here.


Man Flu: Hot or Shot

This soothing drink is definitely something I recommend to any Man that wants to get rid of his Man Flu fast! You can drink it two ways, hot, or as a shot! So if you have time, relax, boil some hot water and mix it with this or if you are on the go and you need that extra boost just spin back the cap and have a shot. What I really liked about this is the taste, some similar products taste.. well.. vile. However, the sweet soothing taste goes down great!


Man Flu: Daily Defence

Now I LOVE the fizzy tablets, I have them on a regular basis, I’ve bought a range of types, flavours and brands but these are definitely up there with the best ones. Sometimes when you buy certain dissolvable tablets they loose their flavour. The Man flu daily defence doesn’t as all, it turns a bright yellow and has a strong kick to get your day started!


I hope you enjoyed this post, and if you have a cold or you think one is on its way, get online and order some of Man Flu’s Amazing products, that fight your cold and keep it at bay!