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How To Manage Patience, Thinking Logically. Thinking Clever.

You want the honest truth; I don’t have a lot of patience. I don’t believe for one minute “Good things come to those who wait” … Want my opinion? It’s bollocks. You don’t get what you want by waiting, waiting to waiting until it lands in your lap. Life isn’t like that, not one bit. 

How do you manage patience, though? Because the problem is once it gets thin it gets worse. The problem is when its good its great when its bad.. its bad. Patience can get so hard to manage and the little things just to you so quickly.

When we become impatient we want to react, which is natural… But to make sure you don’t cause a scene or lash out at someone. Take deep breaths, slow ones and count to 10. This will help reduce your heart rate and get you back to normal.

In life we are told to stay patient for better things, we are told that good things come when we wait. But there are only so many times we can stay patient. In life you have to take risks, can’t always wait for moments you have to make them.

How do you manage your patience though? Are you quick to react or are you able to keep your cool no matter what the situation?

What do you think of the patience post? Do you manage it will or not at all… Comment your thoughts below or reach out to me on social media.

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