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9 Questions To Shape Your Content Strategy

Many markets out there are flooded with content from suppliers, pretty much every brand out there is pumping their content onto social media platforms, the internet and everything in between this naturally makes it hard for you and your business to stand out, so the question is what is the best approach for your content strategy that will help your business grow?

Usually when I start the conversations with my clients we ask the basic questions, where’s your business going and the targets and goals associated with it. Within this conversation we ask the usual questions like why is your brand different and how do you differ from competitors and what value do you bring to your customers.

It of course does sound really obvious, but there are occasions where some businesses don’t have the answers, by answering the questions it enables a company like mine to direct, narrow and focus your marketing and communication strategies for the future.

This is very important, is allows your content to prepare your customers to navigate change. It prepares them for the future and builds confidence within your brand, with the world of business naturally changing every day having a focus on market insight can be very useful for your customers and for relationship building.marketing support worcester

This big rule though we tell our clients is before you jump into content planning you must first understand your audience, now of course understanding your audience will evolve and become deepened as the company grows. However, you must cut through the noise, narrow down the audience and focus on who you are creating your content for and why. With the generation of people wanting results quicker and quicker you must be able to provide content for people that are so short of time.

Your audience

  1. Who is your audience? (Identify audience groups including employees, associates, customers, potential customers and who you want them to be)
  2. Why is each group important to your business?
  3. As an organisation, how do you help each of these audience groups? (eg sell services to customers)
  4. How do you want to talk to your audience groups, will the content have to change because of demographic?
  5. As a business, how do you want to be seen in the market? (eg Tone of voice, type of organisation (practical, best value for money, brand values, luxury etc) This is a very important question as it will allow you to understand your own vision.

Audience content needs

  1. What does each audience segment need from you in terms of content that will be provided? (Do you know?)
  2. Where else would they find this information if you do not provide it, what is your audiences behaviour going to be like?
  3. Does your audience have specific content needs at certain times of the year (eg conferences, law changes, specific industry dates, this will allow you to tap into them on a personal level)
  4. Do you have certain events you need to talk about? What are they? What’s relevant and how can you tap into that.

Naturally asking these questions to your client will open up a lot more questions and sometimes can cause a bit of can of worms! However, these question will lay the foundations of your communications and marketing.

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If you want to know more about shaping your content strategy, how to improve your business through digital growth, then get in contact today! contact@jamesvincent.life and I will be happy to answer any of your questions.

Have a great day everyone,