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Mens Accessories | October Edition, Let’s Get You Equipped.

Okay its October… Oh my its October, where did the year go? As its already this time of the year you need to start looking into some accessories to keep your fashion game strong, let’s talk about the mens accessories you need!

The Brown Watch: Its winter now, no time for bright watches, let’s keep it simple. Keep it discreet, but with a sense of sophistication. I like to go with the slick Debonair black strap, not in your face but very good looking.

The Rings: With you being naturally covered up in a million and one layers, lets look into little tips to make you stand out, well how about the ring. There are so many companies selling them, but ASOS at the moment are offering an awesome selection, cheap prices.

The Snood: Well its cold, real cold. But sometimes the generic scarf can be a little boring, mix it up with the snood. Last year Debenhams offered an amazing range, but I’m not sure they are on sale yet.

Sunglasses: Just because its getting colder doesn’t mean the sunglasses are going away, sometimes a full three piece suit, overcoat and sunglasses look bloody amazing, don’t let them go under looked.

Okay there’s just a few accessories you should be looking into there are literally so many more you can consider, but these were ones I was wearing today! what’s your favourite accessories? Do you have go to ones that you just always wear, or do you want to mix it up this year?

I want to hear your thoughts, comment them below in the comment section or you can reach out to me on social media! Twitter and Instagram are your best bets, I’m on those especially.

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