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Casual Outfit: Get The Mens Winter Look, Stay Warm, Keep Casual

“Keeping the casual outfit on point this December, stay warm with this mens winter look”

I feel like I haven’t done a “Get The Look” post in a while. Well, I’m back on it with a more casual outfit. This incorporates some winter essentials with some important accessories. Let’s have a look at this outfit in a bit more detail and what you need to do to complete it. 


As you can see this is a slightly edgy outfit, but so casual at the same time. The jacket is double padded and keeps you so warm. Slightly tight fitted around the arms, if you are shopping for this jacket in store, there are two variations one with the hood and one without.

When talking about this outfit with other people, people did discuss what works best for the shoes, because of the type of outfit it was, trainers also work great with it, have a browse of the latest adidas originals. But to be honest, I prefer chelsea boots, it gives the outfit a touch more class.

Lastly the watch, a smart watch original from CoWatch, looks great and is half the price as some of the leading ones on the market, want to know more about it, click the link.

What did you think of the casual outfit post? Something your interested in or do you think you would put your own spin on it. Comment below or reach out to me on whatever social media you desire; Facebook / Twitter / Instagram..

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