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Mens Floral Shirts | H&M Top Picks for August 2016. – Let’s get flowery!

Good afternoon you lovely people! Well, my brother arrived back from his travels last night, as he walked through the door, he was in his “Travel clothes” You know, when people come back off holiday and they are still in that holiday mood…Well, one of the pieces of clothing he was wearing was this floral shirt. I saw it, I loved it, so today we are doing a new fashion post on Mens Floral Shirts, let’s begin! Personally I’m not usually a floral shirt kind of guy, they kind of got a bad name back in 2000, for middle aged wearing them when they went on holiday… Or sugar daddies needing some fashion sense and thinking a floral top really did it for them!

However, they started coming back… Actually they made such a come back! But, once again the floral shirt went to a certain fashion group, a kind of indie special who wanted to do a bit of peacocking. But, I’m here to explain, that’s not true. You can pull them off, well… Maybe, let’s see!

A floral shirt doesn’t need to be worn with brightly coloured shorts, weird flip flops you bought on holiday with that god awful Jason Mraz hat… No no, let’s give that Floral shirt style a kick. A kick in the right direction!

ShirtShoesSunglasses Jeans – Watch

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What did you think of the Mens Floral Shirt post? Are you interested in getting one yourself? Hey, sometimes you have to step outside the box when it comes to fashion and try something totally knew. The floral shirt may just be what you need to mix up your style! Any other questions, comment below or reach out to me on Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.

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