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Things You Don’t Want To Hear From A Hairdresser!

Today I’m going to have a little chat about the hairdresser. I have recently seen a lot of videos on the strange and unusual customers hairdressers have! Oh am I’m sure it’s so true… There are some real odd balls out there ahah! But I wanted to talk about things you don’t want to hear from any hairdresser being in the customer seat.

So like most guys I’ve got a hairdressers I usually go to! Which is the one in Worcester – Ellis Campbell and Co. These guys are my trusted hairdressers. That’s the thing with hairdressers, there is a sense of trust that you won’t walk out of your haircut looking like someone on Acid had a go at cutting your hair.

Unfortunately I had to go to another hairdressers earlier this week, I needed to get my haircut before I headed down to London, now let be just assure you, the haircut was brilliant, don’t worry I’m not going to moan about that. They did a brilliant job and all was good.

However, where the problem lies was you walk in, sit down and wait your turn, there’s only one hairdresser on a 8 man station…. So you’re thinking are they going out of business or are they not popular! Then I sit down, tell them what I want and start but there are a few things they said that sparks a sense of doubt, they are as follows;

  • “God I’m so ill…” Okay, you’re ill, like you have the sniffles? No no ive got a pounding headache, “I feel wobbly, I nearly fainted early” –  Now of course, you’re human, you get ill that’s fine, but you’re cutting my hair? Maybe take a day off, we all need it sometimes!
  • “I actually hate my job, I hate working here” We all have days where we are thinking, can I just go home and curl up into a ball? But, when people are getting their haircut, there is a solid line of trust! Please don’t screw up my hair because you hate your job.
  • “My Boss is such a dick” – By saying you hate your boss is reflects the way you work, you seem down, you seem annoyed, now I don’t know your boss, he could be a dick, but be careful who you tell it too, especially a new customer!
  • “I’m not feeling it today!” – Not feeling it? NOT FEELING IT? I have come in, once a month and you tell me you’re not feeling it… I am now very worried for my hair, like really worried!

Those are just a few of the things I’ve heard… Now don’t get me wrong, I know some fantastic hairdressers some very local, like a girl I went to school with carried onto to be a brilliant hairdresser and the lads in Worcester always deliver a great haircut, I’m just sharing a couple of things us customers can get scared of ahah!

Hope you have a great day, if you have any other questions reach out to me on  Facebook / Twitter