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Mens Hairstyles | Long VS Short… You Pick What you Prefer.

Now if you follow the blog you will know that I’ve cut my hair quite short… Okay. I say quite short but it’s already grown quite a lot ahah! But today I wanted to chat about the difference between long and short hair and why its best to sometimes not follow the mens hairstyles trends. 

When a trend hits the UK we all like to follow… It’s quite natural that we see something we like and we try and replicate it. However, what we have to realise is that they don’t always suit us… For example, I loved the idea of growing my hair longer and slicking it back! Its been a hairstyle that has been on countless GQ adverts and the rest.

However, some hairstyles just don’t actually suit us, its just the way we are! So longer hair didn’t actually suit me that much! It was so much effort to try slick it back and work it everyday!

After having it longer for a while, I thought, you know what! It’s time to cut it short! So that’s exactly what I did and I have to say I suit it so much more. It’s easier to manage and in my opinion looks better, sometimes change is better!

If you want some inspiration for shorter hairstyles look below!

“This hairstyle is 1 to two fade on the side, with about an inch and half length at the back, into two inches on the front. – Products used are; Johhny’s Clay, with hairspray.

mens hairstyles

I hope you enjoyed my post on mens hairstyles, long vs short, if you have any other questions, please comment below or share your thoughts on your desired social media channel Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.

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