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The Metal Wallet You Need This Christmas!

Good morning everyone, who’s having a good day? Blue skies shine over Worcester this morning as the snow is starting to melt and there’s me hoping for a white Christmas. I don’t think that will happen now! Anyway, enough about the weather, I am here to talk about my new metal wallet, well its a wallet, but its more a cardholder. 

So I have a wallet, well of course I do. How else would I carry all my pennies around with me haha! Now with this day and age with everyone using cards, there are cards for everything. From my credit card, all the way to my Tesco club card rewards.

Some cards are naturally more important than others. However, even though they may be more important than others, I can’t exactly leave them at home. So I needed an extra card wallet, something sturdy, something heavy duty which I could carry around with me. Well, let me introduce to your my new metal wallet.

Lightweight, durable and cheap its everything I needed, it hit all the criteria, its a metal casing, eight card slots and clips together so there’s no chance those precious cards could slip and slide out.

Its the perfect Christmas present for a business person that wants to stay organised without emptying your bank account, you can shop for it here.

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What do you think of this metal wallet? Comment your thoughts below, or you can alternatively reach out to me on social media.

If you liked this wallet head over to Amazon and check it out, oh I forgot to tell you! I also have a discount code for you KINZD30 for 30% off your order.

While you’re here have a look at this post, its the outfit I’m wearing in the post.

Have a great day


The Metal Wallet You Need This Christmas!
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