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Mens Outfit Inspiration, latest looks in menswear trends:

Good evening everyone, hope you’re all having a good week and what not. Today I’m going to chat a little about one of my newest outfit ideas. This clashes, the gentleman idealist with the urban soldier. Ah yes, this is a little different, but its definitely a new creation for mens outfit inspiration. 

So let’s have a little look in this outfit in more detail. Now, I have featured some of this clothing in different outfits, for example the camel jacket is from ASOS. But I’ve featured it in many outfits like gentleman fashion! Going forward though, this camel jacket is a light weight wool coat. Definitely something you need in your wardrobe. I have married this with instead of the standard smart shirt and tie. I’ve gone with the collarless shirt from River Island. By doing this I have created an edge.

mens fashion, mens fashion ideas, camel jacket, tartan scarf,

But, now I feel its a little too edgy, it doesn’t tie in with what I was trying to achieve, so kick up that gentleman look again by adding the tartan scarf, from Zara. Look how well it works with the brown camel jacket, it stays bold, but has a sense of blending in with its surroundings. Now, I have gone with the black jeans, this contrasts the look entirely, you would think because of all the neural colours, a pair of blue jeans would be… sensible. But I couldn’t have that, black it was.

As I said though, I needed an edge in my mens outfit inspiration post. That’s wear the round frame sunglasses come in from Easy. These ones are great, they have 4 lenses… That’s right you can lift up the black ones, for that real Harry Potter look… However, be careful certain things on Etsy. These particular glasses took 4 weeks to arrive… Way to long.

mens fashion, mens fashion ideas, camel jacket

Finally I topped this whole outfit off with my sport racer Gc Watch, oh yes, this is the timepiece you need. Classy and sophisticated and it ties the whole outfit together!

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Have a great evening,