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Mens Outfit Tips | Injecting Colour Into Your Wardrobe

Mens Outfit Tips: Good morning you lovely people, I hope you’re all having a good morning. Today I’m here to talk to injecting a bit of colour into your wardrobe. Naturally, it doesn’t matter who you are we do get used to wearing certain colours. These colours would make you feel safe, comfortable and confident. That’s where the problem lies… We become safe, we blend in. 

What I want to do though is try and persuade you to inject in colour to your outfits that you wouldn’t usually do. Even myself I like to wear dark colours, never anything too bright, because of its what I like. However, by trying a new colour, you stand out. You feel a new confidence spike through. This change in colour ties into the ‘Art of peacocking’ injecting colour into your outfit to stand out to the opposite sex.

jack wills tops

Here are a few items of clothing that you can try to bring out the colour in you from some brands that I like.

Topman: Nude wash panelled oversized jumper – 25.00 – SHOP.

ASOS: Skinny double breasted blazer – 60.00 – SHOP

Noose and Monkey Smart Shirt With Chain – 40.00 – SHOP.

What did you think about injecting this colour into your wardrobe. Did these mens outfit tips help you out? Comment your thoughts or opinions below, or you can alternatively reach out to me on social media.