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Mens Polo Shirts | Mens Outfit Inspiration! Let’s Mix Up Your Style.

Good evening you lovely people! Let’s talk about mixing up your outfits. Well, I’ve done a few blog posts about mixing up your outfits, but I want to talk about mens polo shirts and how to rock them and look incredibly stylish as well. Lets begin!


What I’m here to do today is talk today about my latest outfit combination. Mixing up the classic polo top, with a bit of a new modern twist. Okay, the mens polo shirt is always a popular item. However, the polo top did shirt its market as it became a sports piece of clothing or for a mature age. With this in mind we did start to see the market shift with more younger generation wearing them.

Mens Polo Shirts

In my opinion, the polo top is a great piece of clothing; sophisticated, clean, smart and usually well priced. What you are seeing my wear today is the gold/copper polo top from River Islands new range! This slim fit top looks great with so many outfits. But I’ve gone for a classic look! The double black, with a polo. This outfit looks so sophisticated and bold.

Well, that’s one way to mix up your style! With mens polo shirts, the look mixes up your generic style and keeps you looking fresh, this Autumn/Winter. If you liked this outfit, I want to hear about it in the comment section below. Or you can alternatively, reach out to me on social media. If you want some more mens outfit inspiration, have a look at the posts below.

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