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Mens Style | Dress Like A Badass. BOLD.

Good evening you lovely people, I’m here this evening to have a chat about mens style, in specific a badass mens style look. Today we are completing the look, I a look from start to finish on how to step up your game, your look and be bold. Let’s begin!

Dressing like a badass isn’t as hard as it looks. All you need is a few specific items to really get you started. What I want to do is give you some inspiration photos and then tell you where you can get these items! Let’s help you complete the look, not tomorrow… today.

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Mens Black Boots:

Black mens boots are an essential when it comes to the badass look. Tall, coal black military boots! You can get them from just about everywhere, but river island are doing some fantastic ones at cheaper prices.

Black Ripped Jeans:

Oh yes, black ripped skinny jeans look great with the black boots. ASOS are selling a range for your choice! Try get ones where the rips don’t look like you’ve done it yourself!

Oversized Black T-shirt: 

The black oversized T-shirt is definitely an essential when it comes to the look. If you can try get a slightly different contract black it looks so much better, if you go for full black on black (same tones) it can look a bit… depressing. The best place offering them at the moment is urban outfitters.

What did you think of the mens style post? Are you going to adopt some of that new mens style? I want to hear your thoughts in the comment section below, or reach out to me on social media Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.

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