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Mens Winter Style, Its Getting Cold. But Let’s Stay Hot.

Good evening you lovely people, well its winter. There’s not much we can really do now… Its cold, its getting foggy, quiet and the skies are getting darker… Yeah. However, despite the cold dreary weather, this is my favourite season for clothing. I always think when it comes to winter there are a lot more options for the male gentleman. Let’s discuss what mens winter style options there are!

Now, if you are looking for winter clothes, this is the time to buy! Oh yes, because it being autumn time they start to bring out all the latest lines of clothing and not at full price, then probably by the end of October, November we will see the price increase.

Okay so here are five essentials you need to get right now, like the minute you read this.. go buy aha!

Snood. – The perfect winter accessory, I’ve got two, red and blue, to match those winter colours.

Peacoat Jacket – See the feature image? Brown. This is the colour you need, it just screams sophistication.

The five mens winter style essentials!

Boots. – Winter style, military. Brown if they are going.

Wooly Socks – To match those lovely new boots you have just bought, wooly socks are the way forward.

Knitted Chunky Jumper. – I have about five of these, all in different colours, I always think reds and blues look best for this season.

There are five essentials you should definitely have at your disposal this winter, lets get you hot and looking even hotter.

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