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The November Look, Let’s Own It. Here’s The Outfit You Need!

This November, I have a look for you… My November look,  I have a look you can own. There are so many fashions entering the markets even so close to the end of the year, but they say money never sleeps, well neither done fashion.

This outfit combines great colours, great style with a great look. We have the purple shirt, this slim fit subtly patterned piece is from Debenhams. Matching it with the pink and black suspenders from Brother and Gent. This accessory really makes the outfit, if you are interested in seeing what it looks without it, head over to my Instagram.

Then marrying this top half with a black on black look. Black skinny jeans from River island and the pointed leather chelsea boots from ASOS. (ASOS, they always offer such a range of chelsea boots, but get in soon, they always run out of stock…)

If you are looking for a edgy outfit, something that combines a classic look with a twist of James Dean well, try this outfit out. Make sure you get all the sizing right before buying. As reference, here’s my sizes.

Jeans: 30R | Shirt: 15 | Braces: 1 size | Shoes: 11

modern gentlemen

november look

Got any questions about my November look? Well, I’m here to answer them! Comment your questions below in the comment section or you can reach out to me on social media where I will answer all of them there! Make sure you keep up with me on Instagram with all my latest pictures and fashion inspiration.

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Have a great day, talk soon you lovely people!