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What’s In Your Summer Essentials, Let Me Show You Mine!

Summer is well, supposedly here… Not so much in Britain. But the rest of the world seem to be having sunshine haha! Well, even if Britain isn’t having the best weather, I’m sure you all have holidays planned and you are all ready to get away! But let’s make sure you are equipped for summer, with these summer essentials!


The shorts are a very important essential for your summer wardrobe. Now, there are loads you can choose from, but I want to  throw in some sophistication, to do this let’s go for the light brown chino shorts from Debenhams!

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As you can see, they sit comfortably just above the knee. Lightweight and easily washed.

Cotton Shirt:

Now its summer, the shirt is so important, but we don’t have to go for the pressed smart shirt, let’s go a tad more casual, bring in the cotton shirt. Now, there are loads of places to choose from, best place at an affordable price is ASOS.

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Sunglasses are an absolute importance. You need a pair of shades that looks good but an affordable price! Now, you can go for two types, if money isn’t a problem, go for the reflective ray bans, they will definitely make a statement! But if you’re worried about losing them or want to save the cash, go for the ones below, Debenhams style sunglasses!

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Summer Watch:

It’s summer, so you need a light weight watch that looks great and doesn’t feel bulky on your wrist, in comes in the British Watch from Smart Turnout. Tan leather strap, chalk white face, affordable price and great for those summer outfits!

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It’s summer, your feet get hot, so you need a shoe that matches the occasion, bring in the loafers. This lightweight shoe is perfect for those summer days! There are thousands on the market but there is a pair I’ve used over and over again, river island.

river island, riverisland loafers, mens loafers, summer essentials

Summer Bag:

Well you need a bag that can be taken out, a bag that you can easily pack all your essentials in and be on the move without worrying about space! In comes in the YepBag. A lovely brown duffle bag ready for any occasion!

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If you have any other questions or want to know more about what’s in my summer essentials, comment below or reach out to me on Facebook/Twitter. 

Have a great day,