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Millno8 The Perfect Custom Shirt For Christmas

MillNo8 world-class style, custom fit. I have recently teamed up with MillNo.8 a company offering custom fit shirts straight to your front door. So let’s have a little chat about then and see why I like them so much, are you ready? 

MillNo8 Shirts

I suppose you read that title and thought, okay James, that’s quite a statement to make. “The Perfect Custom Shirt” Well, let me back up my claims with some factual evidence to support my statement that I have boldly said.

For me, I wear shirts pretty much every day, from Monday to Sunday I am usually out and about. From meetings to social events, that means a good shirt is essential to always look your best, stand out in front of the crowd and stay practical.


That word, practical. Let me extend why it’s so important to have a functional shirt. I see guys walking around with shirts, too big, soo small… Way too tight or just poorly designed, which makes them look uncomfortable and irritated.

MillNo8 provide shirts that don’t just suit you, they look bloody brilliant on you.

From jumping up and down on the dancefloor, presenting to clients or just walking in town, you need a shirt that works, which is breathable, looks great and fits your body shape.

james vincent worcestershire

Every person’s body is different so why should we all have to wear the same shirts, small medium large, that doesn’t help me out!

Why settle for average, when MillNo8 offer you amazing.

There have been so many occasions I have bought shirts, and I’ve had just to make do with the too long sleeves, or the neck is too tight, the shoulders being too narrow. All these things make a shirt go from fantastic to average to a nuisance.

MillNo8 shirt review

That’s why I loved MillNo8 so much, buying a shirt is easy, find the design you want, fill out the details of how you like to wear it, your measurements and click order. That’s it, there’s no tailoring in the shop, there’s no back, and forth questions, it’s easy, and the results are spectacular.

They are proud that all their shirts are made with 100% Egyptian Cotton, known as one of the best cotton in the world. Most fabrics are milled in Italy.

For the first time, I have a shirt which fits perfectly, absolutely perfectly.

They are strongly rooted in providing white glove service. As a part of it, they give 100% satisfaction guarantee on all their products, including ones purchased on sale. All their product ship for free, including returns.

Mill No8 shirt review

– Better Fit –  Shirts are made with carefully developed exclusive silhouettes, and pants with a uniquely curved waistband for a superior fit. Their shirts have unique sleeve rotation, which gives their products an edge compared to all other brands.

– Made to measure – They believe that shirts should fit people rather than people trying to fit into the shirts. Each piece is made to order as per one’s style preferences, occasions, and the body measurements.

Did you like my MillNo8 review? If I didn’t answer all your questions, get in contact with me today below in the comment section, or you can reach out to me on social media. 

They are currently offering 30% discount to all our customers, enter code: Xmas30 at the checkout. https://www.millno8.com/

Make sure you check them out and browse their website.


Millno8 Review | The Perfect Custom Shirt For Christmas
98%Overall Score