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Mindfulness | Call To The Wild, Resetting Your Thoughts

As most of you know I run my own company called Hot Source, a marketing company based in Bromsgrove. This can naturally be stressful at times, balancing work and life, learning new skills and tools constantly and keeping up with everything around you. To keep my head screwed on tight but not so tight that I implode I make sure I unwind, reset my thoughts and keep my brain level headed, other wise its easy to make decisions that aren’t sensible or you burn out. To keep myself moving forward and making good decisions for myself and the people around me I use mindfulness.

Kinver Edge

Its easy in life to get wrapped up in your own world, constantly surrounded by social media, following a routine and forgetting the world and the people around you. You can easily get wrapped up in your own world, which can cause you to forget about things around you and how that effects people.

Kinver Edge views

People ask me on a regular basis, how do you balance work and pleasure? How do you run your business without going physically insane? which is a very valid question to ask! Well its about working hard, but also making sure you have some time for yourself, to reset your mind, to reset your thoughts.

For example, over the last week I have been up very early and going to bed very late, jumping from meeting to event all over the place. Which can naturally cause a lot of pressure on the brain! Last Friday I had just come back from a networking event, my brain felt frazzled.

Kinver Edge Landscape

So how do you get yourself back on track, to unwind and reduce pressure on the brain, well for me I packed up the bag and went into the forest. I specifically went to Kinver Edge, its quiet there’s no one there and barely any signal.

Kinver Edge Caves

All you can hear is the birds and the bees, which is just what I needed. This allowed me to take a short break and relax, I couldn’t access emails and no notifications were coming through, its just you and nature.

This is just one of the ways I unwind, but its one of the best for me also by being with nature for me it inspires creativity and gets all my thoughts inline.

James vincent adventure

If you want to know more about mindfulness head over to the NHS website here.

Have a great day.