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My Morning Hair Routine | James Vincent Style

Good morning everyone, hope you’re all having a good day! I have been requested a fair few times to talk about my morning hair routine, what I do in the morning to get my hair the way it is. Let’s have a chat about my hair routine and what products I use.

Let’s begin the morning hair routine!

Wet hair:

So you have woken up, your hair has gone through some transformation throughout the night. You start to suspect that the planet of the apes has risen and attacked your hair and only your hair throughout your slumber, well don’t worry you’re not on your own. First things first, wet your hair, tame those locks and get it flat… Yes, that right flat. Make sure you don’t have any wild bits. Okay, now it’s time to blow dry!

Blow Dry:

Blow-drying your hair is the fun bit, but this is also a crucial time to make sure your hair looks good and not look like you’ve just been electrocuted. If you want to see my hair routine video, check this out. Keep it messy, keep it smooth and tame some of the wild bits.

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Coconut Oil:

In this part I use a coconut spray oil, this gives it that wild surfer look, provides all the nutrients that your hair needs and makes it look thicker. A few sprays into the hair, then comb it through and let it dry.

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Reformer hair wax:

At this point, your hair is looking pretty good anyway, but now its time to add a wax, I am currently using Mitch Reformer Hair Wax. This product styles your hair, keeps it light and doesn’t look like you’re using a lot of hair product. The last thing you want is a product that’s heavy and makes it look like your using half the tub of product and your hair is rock solid.

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The hairspray is the final touch, a few sprays over the hair, make sure you cover your forehead with your hand when you do it otherwise you will have a shiny forehead. Use this product sparingly; you don’t need a lot.

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What did you think of my morning hair routine, would you consider using some of these products in your personal routine? Comment your thoughts below or reach out to me on social media.

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