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Now it doesn’t matter, if you are a Pro Bodybuilder or beginner at the Gym, sometimes you lose motivation, you can lose that drive to push forward in the gym. There can be many reasons why this happens but sometimes you just need a little change or a new drive to get that drive back.

Now I’ve even been in that situation myself, you get to the gym and you just aren’t feeling it… You don’t feel like you are on peak form to workout at your best. At that exact point you can either move forward or go backwards, people can easily start making excuses, like ‘I have a cold, maybe I will miss out at the gym’ or ‘I’m just going to a light workout, so it becomes habit to make excuses. Then you start losing those results you obtained in the Gym.

So below are some great tips, that I follow to keep yourself motivated at the gym, obtaining results and moving forward.

Think Positive: 

This tip is so important, don’t let those negative vibes get a hold of you, always think positive, why do you think there are so many motivational quotes They are there to inspire you to do more. Think you can do it, no matter how long it takes. Don’t think, that exercise it too hard, or I’ve had a long day, you have to keep all those good vibes flooding your mind in the gym.

Be a little vain:

Now I’m not saying, spend 15 minutes staring at yourself in the gym, but checking yourself out to see that you are making the results you want is good. Sometimes a photo log can also help, because then you can see the photo progress yourself. For example, look at my gym progress, that makes me think that I want to do better, and don’t go back.

Get that Perfect playlist:

Music is so important in the gym, having that perfect playlist to keep you motivated in the gym is essential, now we all have different tastes so get yourself a playlist that suits you and then you will naturally work harder in the gym. If you don’t feel creative, you can always check out one of my playlists.

Mix it up:

Now don’t do the same workout, day in day out. Your body will placebo, make sure you are following a plan that mixes it up and keep you on your toes so you don’t predict what you are going to be doing next, that way it will make the workout go quicker and make you word harder.

Get a partner: 

Now for me I work best at the gym on my own, just because I get distracted easily ahah, but for some people a partner is the perfect thing as you motivate each other and keep you working hard.

I hope you try out some of these tips to keep you motivated at the gym, if you have any other gym tips tweet me @mrjamesvincent


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