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Motivating Yourself:

So what does it mean ‘Motivating yourself’ it means to push yourself further, climb over the barriers that stop you and accomplish your dreams, goals and targets!

Everyday is a new day, everyday without realising it you are accomplishing something! But what happens when you dont go any further.. what happens what life stops you in your path and says ‘You can’t go any further’ failure has struck you and you loose motivation, you loose that drive to more.

I want to explain what people go through every day, the battles they face, the barriers they bump into.

I have a friend but I’m not going to use his proper name for this I’m going to call him ‘oliver’ i went to college with Oliver, incredibly smart guy but he was the type of guy that gets struck by bad luck every day. not just every day but his whole life! Always taking one step forward and two steps back, but it wasn’t always people saying you can’t go further it was LIFE. you dont realise it but its not always people saying you can’t its the unstoppable path of life playing its hand.

You always look at those people like celebrities, powerful icons or even your friends and think ‘how did they do it, how are they successful and I’m not’ well i will tell you this they didn’t produce it over night. they never lost motivation and they always kept moving. Failure happens, but its what you do after you have been struck with failure that makes the difference.

Oliver had never asked for help, never asked for guidance but he called me up one day and said ‘ Can i ask for some help, i need you to shed some light ‘ So i met him and he basically laid on his problems, what he is faced with every day. Sometimes you need someone to pull you out of the hole you got in and get you back on track.

i explained to him some of the rules i live by every day. The rules that motivate me to go further, to achieve more and to become a better me.

The advice is as follows;

-NEVER let anyone tell you that you can’t do something, just because it seems hard or unrealistic.

-FAILURE is temporary, its something that can be overcome. its not permanent! < Motivating Yourself

-WORK hard and decide what you want and how you are going to get there.

-TAKE RISKS if you can sustain those risks. its all well and good saying ‘yes risks are great they hold the characteristics of being entreprenuel, however if you can’t sustain the risks you are making without logical thought.

-BE the best you can be, grow yourself into the best possible version of you.

To produce motivation is hard, you can loose motivation, you can loose that drive to go further, to do better and to be greater thats why its always good to have friends to push you further, sometimes you need guidance, you dont have to take this path by yourself. Guidance is always there!

Be the best you and never let anyone tell you different. < Motivating Yourself

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