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I haven’t done a business post in a while, so I thought I would do one on the art of self motivation!

In the end no one can motivate you do anything better than yourself, if you have the drive and the hunger then nothing will stop you. Sometimes you do need a push in the right direction though, I will give you that, the first initial step is always the hardest! So today I’m sharing with you some great ‘self motivation tips’

lets talk about motivation,


1) Leave your comfort zone:

Leaving your comfort zone can be hard, physiologically we see the comfort zone as a high level of safety, so we don’t venture to far from the safety zone as we see the risks! Well to succeed more, to grow you must try new things, experience new barriers and leave the comfort zone all together.

2) Mistake making isn’t bad:

We all make mistakes, its in human nature, no one is perfect. But some people make a mistake and thats it for them, they see it as a too hard scenario to carry on. Making mistakes shows you are trying, don’t let that stop you from going further, no one succeeded on the first go, if they did we would all be millionaires over night…

3) Plan, but don’t plan to far ahead:

Planning is so important, with any situation you should plan, we all have goals and plans to try and achieve, but sometimes we think so far in the future that the present can be harder to manage, when people say to me where do you see yourself in 10 years time, I always reply with I have no idea, they look at me in shock but at the end of the day, 10 years is a really long time, anything can happen in that time!

4) Don’t quit at the first hurdle:

So many people hit that first barrier and think, nope I’m done it was to hard, I won’t be able to do this, you must be able to hit that first hurdle with full force and go straight through it, then the next 1000 after that, the road to success is not paved with gold, more like an army obstacle course… Never give up.

5) Be happy:

A good attitude and just being happy in general makes such a difference, Bob marley was not just singing dont worry be happy for no reason, keeping an happy attitude will make the day easier, gets jobs done faster and makes you achieve goals quicker!

6) Commit, to success:

Remember, if you have dreams and goals, commit to them! Don’t give up, never stop and keep moving forward!

I hope you feel a bit more motivated,

Go have a great day,

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