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Mrs Whites Shaving Cream , is a shaving serum that will definitely want on your christmas list.

Now this shaving cream is a little different, its a serum in a liquid form, all the shaving cream I’ve used in the past has been in a form, so I was very interested to try this! The Shaving serum comes in a small brown bottle with a pipette dispenser attached to it. Its very different to how I’ve seen shaving cream in the past.

Mrs Whites Shaving serum with reship, raspberry and calming amirs contains all the ingredients for a perfect shave. You don’t need a lot to make to make it a great shave either, it feels natural on your skin and doesn’t feel like you need to coat your skin in loads for an alright shave, this is something I was uncertain about at the start, because I felt like it wasn’t going to work… However, I was mistaken! This product is great for shaving and produces a clean shave with great feeling skin.

In addition, the size of the bottle is small and convenient, which makes it perfect for travelling. No need for travel shaving bottles, get yourself Mrs whites shaving cream.

If you have any other questions, tweet me @mrjamesvincent or check out my shaving pictures on my Instagram @james.vincent

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Mrs Whites Shaving Cream!