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Let me start this blog post by saying a HUGE thank you to the people at The All In One Company, for producing such an amazing onesie! Thank you guys!

Now the onesie trend has been around for quite a while now! With most companies, selling them in one form or another, but I’ve never purchased one… There have been so many, but none that really grabbed my attention, they were all either animals ones or when they looked good, they just weren’t that comfy. So I left it and decided not to get one. But then The All In One Company got in contact with me. They let you design your own onesie! How cool is that! So straight away I got on their site and have a go at the Design your own onesie, what’s so great is that they let you choose everything right down to which zip type you want! So in a matter of minutes I was glued to the computer screen, picking which colours I wanted, what material if I wanted a hood or not and so much more! Once it was ordered, it arrived to promptly, I was so excited I stripped down in the living room and tried it on straight away, and I’m going to be honest… I haven’t taken it off yet!

The only thing that I would say when purchasing it, is if you purchasing feet with in, whatever size you are, get the smaller size. Because they do sizes like 10-12 so when the produce it, it is made to fit a size 12 and a 10 so just go for the smaller size to be safe!

What I really like about these guys is that, when you produce the onesie, it’s yours. Its one of a kind and totally unique to you! If you have been shopping around for a onesie and not been able to find one that suits you, or just wasn’t right, get yourself onto The All In One Company, they will produce a beautifully made Onesie, with 100% uniqueness, made just for you! Get onto their site now and get a onesie that your friends will definitely ask where you got it from!

These guys definitely know what they are doing, and they have a fantastic team behind them! Great product, and great service. Now my close friends and family are also interested in purchasing one!


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