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National Get Over It Day: 

So yesterday someone on twitter had sent me a direct message talking about their Ex Girlfriend, saying they were having problems getting over her and it annoyed them. Now firstly, time heals all so that does help! but it happens that today is National Get Over It Day!

Get Over It Day was created by Jeff Goldblatt in 2005 after having trouble getting over an ex-girlfriend.

This is that day in the year, where you should be forgetting your past, not worrying about what you once did or something that happened. It’s in the past for a reason so leave it there! Now we have all had things from our past haunt us. Maybe its an ex girlfriend that’s been sitting there in your mind, a test you didn’t do to well on or even just an argument you had with someone and you feel guilty for speaking up. Well let me give you a little guidance. Forget it! Simple as that. Yeah I know that’s hard to actually do sometimes, but the more you think about it the more its going to annoy you.

This day is the perfect excuse to ‘get over it’ whatever it may be. Sometimes our past can come back to haunt us, sometimes there’s someone on your mind that shouldn’t be there, well let’s get rid of that thought. Take it, throw it in the bin and forget it ever happened. It’s time you move on, it’s time you move onwards and upwards, because you will never be able to, if you keep holding on to the past.

I know this stuff guys, I’m here to help! So if you have had a thought that has been troubling you, or a memory from your past you haven’t been able to budge, this is the perfect opportunity to think ‘you know what this is the day I’m going to move on’

If you have any other questions about national get over it day, then comment below or you can tweet me @mrjamesvinent. 

Have a great afternoon,