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National Hug Day – 21st January,

It’s time to spread the hugs and show someone some love!

So there I was scrolling through twitter, only to see people talking about hugging, I was like ‘What’s going on?’ Only to realise it was ‘National Hug Day’ That’s right, there is a day to spread the love and hug people! What a cute day.

It is an annual event dedicated to hugging. It was created by Kevin Zaborney and occurs annually on January 21. The day was first celebrated on January 21, 1986 in Clio, Michigan, USA.

This is such a nice day, it spreads the love with people and buries the hatchet on grudges and arguments. It’s like a day of forgiveness.

You won’t believe it but there are so many health benefits to hugging someone, it releases that good feeling within you! So make someones day today, by giving them a big old hug.

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